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Profit from NLP techniques

Ania Massatt 02/23/2018

What is NLP? It is a user manual for the brain. NLP is created by Neuro- Linguistic components. These components are involved actively in producing our life experience. We engage with the outside world through our senses and their meaning is deeply engrained in our subconscious mind. We understand it on unique and individual levels. The impulse that comes in is being transferred to our mind and it automatically recognizes the information, categorizes it as useful, stressful, safe, or dangerous and puts it away for storage. We store all of our life experiences since the moment we were born. We express and communicate with others about our experiences, emotions through the gift of language. We use our vocal cords and directly can express ourselves, yet there is even deeper and more profound way of communication and we all do it naturally. We use our bodies as receptors and pointers to how we feel inside. Our bodies carry our emotional states. Not consciously but we give up clues to others about our inner states.

In NLP we study the uniqueness of each individual and learning how the brain (mind) processes information. We observe the eye cues, body language, words spoken and we draw the picture of how each individual organizes ideas, conclusions, how they process emotions and how the repeated behaviors are creating habits and patterns. By touching this multidimensional process we understand the uniqueness and we can apply the tools offered by NLP to shift the way our mind recognizes information, we can put a different perspective to the problem that we are facing, we can change our life experience from the negative into more positive. By understanding our reactions we can allow ourselves to live more freely, passionately and happily. Through conscious awareness we gain a sense of control over our life experience. It becomes an adventure instead of unknown book.

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