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A Thought is just a Thought!

Ania Massatt 06/04/2015

I was just having an ordinary day like many others. Having a great time when a random thought just flew over me and popped in my head. This thought was random and irrelevant to my positive otherwise day yet it carried such a strong energy impact that my Mind started to wonder. As soon as this thought got into my Mind it also sneaked out directly into my heart. I felt this squeeze in my chest and right there I recognized it. At this point I had an obvious and quite simple choice to do – to either follow the thought or choose not to follow it.

Then I stopped and had a revelation, a thought is just a thought! A thought is just an energy charged ball that really doesn’t carry any story. It is like a fantasy, pop up screen on the computer. A little “hello I’m here” like a tiny shimmering speck carried by the wind.

I suspect that a thought is not real but occurs as part of our soul experience. When suddenly arise then by our own act of acceptance the Mind takes over and considers it as real. Base on the thought itself Mind (Brain) creates a story that is believable for us!

A thought is energy and it might be charged positive or negative. If the thought carries positive energy and our Mind brings it as an Idea, then there is energy of creativity, excitement, joy and overall happiness channeled through. We might be boiling and wanting to get involved, finish task and enjoy life.

When a thought carries negative charge and we give it too much attention, then the Mind is starting to create a story that resonates with the quality of the vibration presented by the thought. This story then will be channeled through and based upon our inner fears and insecurities. The more we experience fear and insecurity the more internal stories our Mind will supply for us. This is our Mind’s job!

How to not let the thought to take over your Mind?

1. Bring awareness into your Life. Observe random thoughts how they come and how they go.

2. When a thought arises ask yourself if it is relevant for you to consider it and how the quality of it might affect you.

3. When this little shimmering speck comes and it is not something you want to consider allow it to be taken away by the wind. As quick as it came it can go away. Don’t give it time.

4. When you are letting a thought go, imagine that you are using a white out and creating a blank space. Release it.

Thoughts of the same energetic components that are bombarding us often and creating the same emotional states (patterns) could be looked at on deeper levels. There must be a deep root for these experiences to happen. They are connected to our emotional states stored by our subconscious Mind.

Experiencing Life through Gratitude

Ania Massatt 06/08/2016

Gratitude is simply “the quality of being thankful" and it is connected to thanks, thankfulness, appreciation and gratefulness.

What is the difference between life driven by wants and needs and life focused on appreciation that one has for life itself? This difference is the Awareness and point of focus. If we live in belief that we don't have enough and that we have to make sacrifices, goal setting - we usually act out of our comfort zone and by doing so we are not fully sure about the altitude of this outcome. Life experience through the appreciation looks much different. It is because our main focus is the feeling of thankfulness that comes straight from the heart and it is connected to the feelings, situations that already occurred in our life. This gives a true foundation to Manifestation and Experiencing Blissful Life.

Manifesting occurs when we appreciate what we have, this high energy of appreciation felt deep within our being is transferred in waves outwards to the Universe (like a musical cord that carries clear tone) The Universe feels the Vibration, magnifies it and sends it back to us like an echo. The Universe is ever judging what it magnifies. It also doesn't recognize what is unsure, good or bad. Universe just is and hears our vibrations. It is then our responsibility to choose to live in the Heart or be driven by uncertainty.

Even in challenging moments if we hold on to focusing on positive parts we will notice how quickly and how much smaller the problem becomes - through the state of Gratitude we can easily detach ourselves from the physical/emotional problem and by doing so we create an opportunity to see other perspectives and without jumping into first solution we might consider other ones better fitting for all.

I am convinced that Gratitude is one of the biggest forces in Creation of Life. It works on all levels of our existence in our Body, Mind and Spirit.

Starting from the emotions, being able to express feelings of gratitude creates pure happiness. This happiness is not only felt in emotional body but our physical body right away is being flushed with the hormone of happiness - Endorphin that enhances the immune system, relieves pain, reduces stress, and postpones the aging process as well as gives us the altruistic attitude. We start feeling higher vibration in our bodies and we are more likely to be open and kind for others. This sense of connection with others leads into more soul level experiences. By taking moments to look into our hearts, we connect our Soul into the God (Universe) through the cord of pure and unconditional love.

Practicing Gratitude:

 • Making a gratitude list - it must feel good, it would actually be a waste of time to create a list with the points where the feelings are not attached to it. Your list has to be personal and unique. You also have to revisit your list often in meditation/prayer states.

• Everyday notice one thing that you are thankful for.

• Surround Yourself with Gratitude, Post words, photos, and objects of gratitude in your home and work

• Express gratitude to others by writing thank you notes, sending massages and by being genuine to others

• Live Mindfully, using your senses bring the awareness into the present moment

• Acknowledge others through words of appreciation, touch, conversations

• Acknowledge negative experiences and via quieting the mind and noticing how positive outcomes might stream out of this negative experience. Stay open with your Heart and Mind.

I'm inviting you today to practice gratitude regularly by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things that occur in your life and the things that you could be thankful for. The benefits of this practice are almost endless and at least I can promise you will experience more positive emotions, sleep better and your life experience will shift through joy, passion and love into amazing journey.

There is only one secret - gratitude must be felt from the pure heart, so take time to sense it, to feel it, to disperse it, break it into million pieces and then let go.

How can I be a better person?

Ania Massatt 12/02/2016

Don't we all from time to time converse with selves and ask if we are enough? If the deeds that we've done will lead us to better life or better place after we die? I guess it all depends on our belief, the way we look at the things, the way we feel and reasons why we want to be better than we are right now.

First and the most important is to answer the question that arises from "how can I be a better person" - and the question to ask is: how to be a better person (mother, father, husband, wife, daughter, son, leader, worker etc...) in comparison to who or what? In comparison to a norm or standard, or a person, or the belief? Then who sets those standards or norms and what does it mean to be enough to me? What is acceptable/not acceptable and where is the distinction between good or bad (if there is any)? When answering these questions with open heart we will notice where our conscious thoughts go. Understanding first why we act or why we would like to act certain way will lead to possible change in our conscious mind.

Our conscious mind is preoccupied by the thoughts and majority of times those thoughts are not ours, they belong to our family, teachers, religions, governments etc. W accepted those thoughts as part of our life but they don't belong to us. They impact us on everyday basis and they absolutely push us to act in the way that would be pleasing to others.

It is really important to consider a simple fact that our consciousness in its origin is pure and is not judgmental. Our thoughts make it so. If you are wanting to be a better person then I truly suggest you to grab all of your inner power and totally let go. Release all the years that passed, situations that forced you to act certain way, people, institutions, TV and radio. When you strip yourself down from all the outside distractions then at some point you will realize that being good enough means nothing more than just be. It might take time and a lot of emotional release work, to discover that you don't have to control or react to others, that there is no more expectations, playing roles and it is easy to just stay in your center because you lost interest in being bothered by things and behaviors of others. Being good for yourself leads to better listening skills. You will notice that the more attention you pay to your internal self (emotions/ gut feeling/ your higher self/ guide/ angel/ God/ ) you will become attuned more to the outside environment. Through seeing via your inner eye and heart you will acquire high amounts of non-judgment. Out of this beautiful state of acceptance you will take step further into life in Gratitude and with full responsibility for self you will be able to connect your Pure Heart (knowing) with your Mind (thoughts) and recognize that no matter what you do in your life it will always be a life lived for the highest good. You will always create a new experiences for self of others.

Amazing inner journey starts with state of awareness. Are you consciously aware of your own consciousness and the thoughts that slip in into your mind?

100% Natural (and proven) ways of dealing with Allergy/Sinus Infection

Ania Massatt 03/05/2017

It is this time of the year again that allergies flair up and some of us start experiencing symptoms including throbbing pain on the side of the head that may cause nausea, sensitivity to light, pain around the eyes, redness of the nose, pain on the cheekbones, swollen and runny nose or fogginess. There are two kinds of headaches are linked to allergies: sinus headaches and migraines. Sometimes pain is localized over the affected sinus and sometimes it is behind one eye.

What are the Sinuses? They are hollow air spaces with openings into the nose. The sinuses produce a mucus that moisturizes the inside of the nose, they also lighten the skull and improve our voices. They are located inside each cheekbone, behind the eyes, behind the bridge of the nose and in the forehead. Normally sinuses are filled with air but when sinuses become blocked and filled with fluid, germs (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) can grow and cause an infection.

1. Cranial Sacral Therapy - is an amazing and natural way of releasing tension in sinuses. Cranial Sacral Therapy is a very light touch therapy. The trained therapist can sense the movement of the bones in the skull, feel the blockages and with the gentle touch, holds and decompressions to the sinuses can release tension allowing the bones to balance themselves. It helps in draining the fluid from sinuses and speeding up the healing process.

 2. Herbal steam inhalation two to four times per day

Prepare the herbal steam pot:
1 handful of Chamomile (you can use 5 chamomile tea bags)
1 handful of Tansy
1/2 handful of Sage
2 drops of Essential Oil of Thyme
2 Drops of Essential Oil of Eucalyptus

Prepare pot with 5 cups of water, add all the herbs to the water and boil it. Take the pot off the heat source and add Essential Oils. Cover your head and the pot with blanket or towel, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. All the herbs as well as Essential Oils are antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, clearing. The warm and moist air speeds up the healing process. After this inhalation you will notice immediate relief.

3. Use a neti pot to flush the sinuses. Dead Sea Salt water a ceramic or plastic pot that looks like an Aladdin's magic lamp. It helps in nasal congestion, and facial pain and pressure.

4. Drink plenty of fluids to thin the mucus.

5. Make a syrup from garlic and onion. You just need to chop 1/3 of the garlic, onion and cover it with sugar. Have a teaspoon of syrup 3 times a day. Garlic and onion possess very strong antibiotic/ antibacterial properties.

6. Tansy Nasal drops. You need to put a handful of Tansy and Thyme in the pot and cover it with boiling water, cover it and wait 5-7 minutes, then drain. Use the liquid as the nasal drops. Add 1-2 drops to each nasal passage. Use within 5 days.